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Customer Analytics for Dummies Customer analytics is a process by which data can be turned into predictive insights to acquire customers, grow lifetime value, retain customers at risk of walking away, and enhance customer loyalty and advocacy.

In this book, you take a look at the concepts for getting started with customer analytics and the specific techniques you can employ to enhance relationships with customers, increase revenue, and ultimately, make your organization more competitive.

Customer Analytics For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition, also gives you a perspective about how big data can be transformed from a never-ending supply of information into a set of predictions that can positively impact your bottom line.

Learn to:
- Acquire new customers
- Grow customer lifetime value
- Retain customers at risk of defection
- Enhance customer loyalty and advocacy
- And more

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Optimizing the Digital Experience Organizations understand that improving website and web application performance is a must in our digital economy; it takes only milliseconds of delay to destroy the hours of work you’ve put into delivering your online content. But where do you begin?
Optimizing the Digital Experience is a practical guide to superior online performance and reduced user wait times which leads to better audience engagement. This free e-book, introduces and explains the value of online performance: what it is, how to measure it, and—most critically—what it takes to make it better. Following the complex delivery path from content provider to end user, the e-book demystifies performance step by step, identifying common bottlenecks and revealing what it takes to overcome them.
Topics covered include:
Common performance challenges for today’s organizations
Which bottlenecks are to blame for poor end user experience
The 5 categories of KPIs (and how to measure them)
How to build effective partnerships, internally and externally
What content delivery networks can do for your end users
Additional optimizations you need to stay ahead
Ready, set, go: 4 steps to take right away

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