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New Delhi, NON
Short Description: I have 6.5 years of experience in Digital Marketing / Web Analytic. I have experience in planning, execution and management of multi-channel Digital Marketing Strategies ensuring they meet brand and business objectives and add to the growth of Digital Brand and revenues. I started my career with Internet giant Yahoo! and then worked with world’s leading digital agencies for fortune 500 clients. I played an instrumental role in the development and execution of the Digital Marketing / Brand communication strategy.

gurgaon, 15
Short Description:

Bangalore, NON
Short Description: I am a Digital Marketer and a Business Analyst working for SAP India Private Limited. I have been using my technical knowledge along with my digital marketing experience to help SAP India domain stay ahead from its competitors and within the network of internal domains. I contributed 100+leads and a sizeable amount of pipe to the SAP marketing pipeline using optimization and marketing techniques. I always aim at implementing digital marketing initiatives to help business achieve their intended objectives. My analytical knowledge helps me to gauge performance of such initiatives and implement optimization techniques to improve the outcomes.

Bangalore, NON
Short Description: I am a data driven digital analytics professional with experience of working across several web analytics platforms and online marketing tools. I have worked with business managers to identify and answer queries that revolves around effectiveness of website and marketing methods. Back with my rich experience, I am seeking out for a leadership role to employ the learnings and expand organizational marketing plans.

Victoria, NON
Short Description: Technical professional with a diverse skill set, a recent degree and an interest in analytics.

garland, TX
Short Description: I live in Dallas, Texas and am a green card holder. I have over 6 months of experience in Web Analytics, Market Research with PwC and Social Media Delivered and 2 years of experience as a Software Consultant at Oracle. I am an IT engineer and have also completed my MBA. I am Google Analytics IQ certified (by Google) and also Social Media Business Equation certified (by SMD). I am currently looking for roles in Web Analytics and Market Research. I love numbers, data and statistics. Also, I am open to relocation to New York, if required.

Mumbai, NON
Short Description:

Redmond, WA
Short Description: Find out how your owned and earned channels are doing. I can generate insightful reports for $500 each

Seattle, WA
Short Description: We are a group of Digital Analytics professionals who are available on demand on hourly basis or as fixed bid on projects. We offer full set of services from Startgy Consulting, KPIs defintion, Dashboard development, tool implementation (GA, Omniture, WebTrends), ongoing reporting. We have fortune 50 experience and have very competieve rates. If you are looking for short term help or ongoing support, contact us.

mumbai, NON
Short Description: I have done masters in applied statistics from IIT Bombay,having knowledge of data analytics.

Bellevue, WA
Short Description: I have extensive experience with implementing site catalysts and TesT&Target. I have done SiteCatalyst and Web Analytics work for several fortune 500 companies. If you are looking for help in site catalyst and/or Test&Target on part time bais then reach out to me. I am looking for a moonlighing gig.

Redmond, WA
Short Description: Hire us for Adobe Analytics, Launch, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Dashboard