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Web Analyst

Company Optizent
LocationRedmond, WA
Job TypeCON

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Web Analytics Analysis and Data Visualizations o Dive into an ocean of digital data of multiple sources and dimensions to analyze customer behavior on MSCOM o Synthesize analysis into logical visualizations that convey meaning from dense tables of data o Exude confidence and instill trust with business stakeholders through excellent communication skills at all levels of the business, sharing expertise and opinions about what should be measured, and how the measurement should be evaluated and be comfortable speaking about web analytics, digital marketing, and statistical analysis of data o Understand data flow from site level events through to collection and into metric formulas o Be able to analyze data quality and correctness in addition to customer behavior (i.e. do the numbers make sense) and be able to triangulate on data points to analyze why data anomalies occur o Understand how to put data and findings into the context of the business o Critical thinking skills to evaluate business requests and validate the importance relative to the business success metrics

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