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Alessandro Crotti Data-Driven Marketer (with focus on the Hotel Industry)
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Digital Strategist and Data-Driven Marketer with focus on the Hotel Industry, which I’ve been working for my entire career.

I have technical background (mainly javascript) which helped me a lot create custom coding and data collection models, mainly using GTM.

I’ve been spending the last 7 years working with my clients on their Google Analytics setup, always deployed via GTM, and most times using Google Data Studio to beautify data and create new custom metrics and formulas.

Since the Hotel industry is in deep troubles due to the epidemic, I am currently evaluating new positions and projects outside of the travel sector.

On a personal note, my name is Alessandro Crotti (everyone calls me simply “Ale”), Italian, location-independent, currently in Thailand.


I’ve created RevANALYTICS, the first Revenue-Marketing data processing model for Independent Hotels, that combines the most classic Marketing metrics already present in Google Analytics, with Revenue-related KPIs, such as:

• Length of Stay

• Booking Window

• Search Window

• Combination of Adults and Children

• and much more..

Imagine, for example, that you want to improve your conversion rate. How do you know where to start and to put your hands on?

Perhaps your conversion is good for searches for 1 nights, but you are leaving revenue on the table when it comes to searches for 3 or more nights.

With RevANALYTICS you’ll be able to get to know exactly where the best revenue opportunities (and revenue losses) are.

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